Student Projects

We invite students to collaborate with us on their projects, for example when doing master thesis work and special courses. These pages introduce some projects we are currently proposing, and list finished projects that were carried out at the section.

Project Themes

Our project proposals are divided into the following themes, each of which is described on its own page:


We require that students complete a number of specified courses within related scientific fields before they can start their project. This ensures that the project work maintains its focus, and builds on the skills learned via said courses. Each project theme page lists the prerequisites for the given theme. Some of the proposed projects may be so large in scope that they are only available for master thesis work. For the general rules for project work, we refer students to the DTU education pages

Finished Projects

The page Finished Projects lists examples of finished projects that our staff supervises. The results of some of the listed project work are available as thesis or article downloads from DTU Library.

Contact Information

If you have questions for one of our project proposals or themes, or want to propose a project yourself, please contact a staff member listed on the given theme page.