PhD Student Esther Rosenbrand defends her thesis

Tuesday 05 Aug 14
by Kim Beck Hansen

Heat Storage in Hot Aquifers

The PhD thesis is a part of the project Heat Storage in Hot Aquifers (HeHo), which is organising a one-day symposium on Tuesday 19 August.

On Monday 18 August, PhD Student Esther Rosenbrand will defend her thesis "Effect of temperature on sandstone permeability".

The following is a summary of the thesis:

Hot water injection in geothermal sandstone aquifers is considered for seasonal energy storage in Denmark. However, an increase in the aquifer temperature might reduce permeability, and thereby increase production costs. An understanding of the factors that control permeability is required in order to address the effects of temperature on permeability. Therefore, different aspects of sandstone permeability are investigated in this research project. Data from a range of sources including: published literature; a database containing over 120 tight gas sandstone samples; new flow-through experiments on Berea sandstone, which is often used as a reference material to reservoir sandstones; and flow-through experiments on Danish Gassum Formation sandstone and Bunter Formation sandstone, were analysed. Polished thin sections were studied by using the electron microscope in order to relate permeability to sandstone texture.

This investigation indicates that clay morphology and abundance has a strong effect on: the fraction of the porosity that is effective for permeability, the difference between brine and gas permeability, and the effect of temperature. Hot water injection might induce clay particle mobilisation and mineral dissolution; however, these effects would depend on the mineralogy and pore fluid composition. Therefore, results from one formation cannot directly be generalised to other formations.

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