Job List

Title Unit Deadline
Test engineer DTU Space 22 SEP 17
PhD Scholarship in Metagenomics, Infectious Diseases, and Antibiotic Resistance DTU Food 22 SEP 17
Experienced Research Project Coordinator DTU Bioinformatics 22 SEP 17
Postdoc in Quantitative Integrated Modelling for Strategic Planning of Urban Water Systems DTU Environment 24 SEP 17
PhD scholarship in Health Related Effects of Quinoa - Impact on Intestinal Permeability and Immune Responses DTU Food 24 SEP 17
Postdoc in Theory and simulation of molecular spintronics DTU Nanotech 25 SEP 17
PhD scholarship on Nanoscale Quantum Photonic Devices DTU Fotonik 25 SEP 17
Senior Development Engineer in Experimental Aerodynamics DTU Wind Energy 25 SEP 17
Postdoc in Active Distribution Networks and Control of Distributed Energy Resourcces DTU Electrical Eng 27 SEP 17
PhD Project in Context-Aware Access Control DTU Compute 27 SEP 17
Postdoc in “Modelling and design of wind turbines” DTU Wind Energy 27 SEP 17
Postdoc in Optimal Operation and Management of Cross-Sectoral Flexibility in Multi-Energy Systems DTU Electrical Eng 27 SEP 17
PhD position: Study of Gas Liberation in a Tight Porous Medium DTU Chemical Eng. 28 SEP 17
PhD position Valorization of particulate waste materials in construction materials in cold climates DTU Civil Eng 28 SEP 17
PhD scholarship in the Environmental Microbiology of Antimicrobial Resistance DTU Environment 29 SEP 17
All vacant positions