Finished Projects

This page lists the titles of some master theses associated with the Section for Geotechnics and Geology.

The listed master theses are all from 2017. If you are looking for a specific master thesis published previously, you may be able to find it by using DTU Findit (with the filter type set to "Student thesis").


  • Modelling of rock breaking under cutting and confined conditions (DTU Library) by Adam Stanislaw Kazmierczak. Supervisor Katrine Alling Andreassen
  • Practical differences between water- and oil-based drilling fluids with focus on borehole stability (DTU Library) by Daniel Lohne Edvardsen. Supervisor Katrine Alling Andreassen
  • Small-scale anisotropic stiffness of rocks (DTU Library) by Camilo Eduardo Leiva Tellez, supervisor Katrine Alling Andreassen 
  • Preinvestigations for an underground storage facility for explosives, Sisimiut, Greenland (DTU Library) by Inaluk Agathe Lennert Groth, supervisor Katrine Alling Andreassen 
  • Analysis of water ingress and stability of tunnel segments in Montenegro by Rana Majed Al Marai, supervisor Katrine Alling Andreassen 
  • Mechanical Characterization of Asphalt Concrete for Pavements with Reduced Transport Emissions by Jacob Emil Cronholm and Andreas Valentin Bachmann, supervisor Eyal Levenberg
  • Experimental investigation of the oedometer compressibility of a paleogene clay (DTU Library) by Andreas Randløv Kristensen, supervisor Irene Rocchi 
  • Comparison of retaining wall systems for a cut-and-cover concrete tunnel at the Västlänken E02 Centralen in Göteburg (DTU Library) by Maria Lindboe Nielsen and Mikkel Westh Nielsen, supervisor Irene Rocchi
  • The effect of the duration of the consolidation- and creep phases on the derived parameters from the consolidation test (DTU Library) by Kenneth Hansen, supervisor Irene Rocchi 
  • Dewatering of a 7-storey residential building with underground parking in Teglholmen (DTU Library) by Nichlas Laurits Adamsen, supervisor Irene Rocchi 
  • CFD investigations of water pit heat storages by Adam Rasmus Jensen, supervisor Irene Rocchi 
  • Experimental Study on Swelling Clay for Annulus-filling around casing by Aikaterini Biotaki, supervisor Irene Rocchi 
  • Geological/geotechnical investigation of chalk rich in organic matter by Marie Aimee Nielsen, supervisor Ida Lykke Fabricius 
  • Petrophysical properties of heat treated chalk by Christine Ravnås, supervisor Ida Lykke Fabricius 
  • Petrophysics of organic rich chalk from Shephela Basin (DTU Library) by Tove Anna Elisabeth Ekdahl, supervisor Ida Lykke Fabricius 
  • NMR respons to changes in temperature and surface charge of alumina katalysts (DTU Library) by Andreas Nilsson, supervisor Ida Lykke Fabricius Ida Lykke Fabricius 
  • Mechanical properties of organic rich chalk from Shephela Basin by Einar Madsen Storebø, supervisor Ida Lykke Fabricius 
  • Elasticity and cementation of Cenozoic shale from the North Sea by Wojciech Jan Lopuszko, supervisor Ida Lykke Fabricius
  • Wellbore stability of geothermal wells (DTU Library) by Narjes Baqerian Dehkordi, supervisor Ida Lykke 
  • Modelling of near wellbore water transport in geothermal reservoirs (DTU Library) by Stefan Krebs Lange-Willman, supervisorIda Lykke Fabricius 
  • Permeability of opal bearing Miocene sediments (DTU Library) by Sjúrdur Jóhann Ferjá, supervisor Ida Lykke Fabricius 
  • NMR respons to changes in temperature and surface charge of alumina katalysts (DTU Library) by Andreas Nilsson, supervisor Ida Lykke Fabricius 
  • Petrophysical analysis of drill cores from Shephela basin by Marie Aimee Nielsen, supervisor Ida Lykke Fabricius
  • Petrophysical interpretation of the Lark Formation by Aikaterini Zeneli, supervisor Ida Lykke Fabricius
  • Centrifuge study on laterally loaded monopiles (DTU Library) by Rasmus Sepstrup Bundgaard, supervisor Varvara Zania 
  • Time-domain analysis of flexibly-supported Offshore Wind Turbine subjected to Seismic Excitations (DTU Library) by Hanne Svellingen Pedersen, supervisors Evangelos Katsanos and Varvara Zania 
  • Parametrisk undersøgelse for post-jordskælv brand design af stål bygninger (DTU Library) by Adrianna Wróbel, supervisors Luisa Giuliani and Varvara Zania 
  • Collapse mode of steel frames exposed to post-earthquake fires (DTU Library) by Gabriel-Victor Risco, supervisors Luisa Giuliani and Varvara Zania 
  • Comparison of numerical modelling and monitoring data of two metro stations in Cityring by Mette Marie Bondegaard Petersen, supervisor Varvara Zania
  • Assessment of earthquake induced liquefaction for offshore wind turbines by Wafikka Lalti, supervisor Varvara Zania