Finished Projects

This page lists the titles of some master theses associated with the Section for Geotechnics and Geology.

The listed master theses are all from 2013. If you are looking for a specific master thesis published in 2011 or later, you may be able to find it by using DTU Findit (with the filter Type set to "Student thesis").


  • Development of strength for Palaeogene clay - effects on design parameters (DTU Library), by Natascha Stephanie Hansen, supervisor Anette Krogsbøll

  • Shear strength of Palaeogene clay (DTU Library), by Jacob Lehto Hansen, supervisor Anette Krogsbøll

  • Soil-structure interaction in offshore wind turbine collisions (DTU Library), by Artjoms Samsonovs, supervisors Varvara Zania and Luisa Giuliani

  • Fracture growth in anisotropic rock (DTU Library), by Nathaniel Denis John Simpson, supervisors Ida Fabricius and Rune Holt

  • Civil works in palaeogene clays, by Malte P.P. Larsen and Emil Midtgaard Hvilsom, supervisor Anette Krogsbøll

  • Heat effect on sandstone elasticity (DTU Library), by Christine B.G. Schjøttz, supervisor Ida Fabricius