Job List

Title Unit Deadline
Postdoc in High-Power-Density and High-Efficiency Switched Mode Power Supply DTU Electrical Eng 30 APR 17
Postdoc in Advanced Digital Design and Design Automation in the Construction Industry DTU Management Engineering 30 APR 17
Joint postdoc position in Catalyst Design based on Metal-organic Framework Materials and Electrospinning DTU Energy 30 APR 17
PhD scholarship in Development of multiplex single molecule counting techniques for Alzheimer’s disease diagnostics DTU Nanotech 30 APR 17
Postdoc in Formal Methods in Computer Science DTU Compute 30 APR 17
PhD scholarship in X-ray optics for Astronomical Space Telescopes DTU Space 30 APR 17
Development engineer DTU Wind Energy 01 MAY 17
Postdoc for big data analysis of learning outcomes using virtual reality based learning systems Center for Biosustainability 01 MAY 17
Postdoctoral fellowships in Trait-based Ecology Modelling and Oceanography DTU Aqua 01 MAY 17
Associate or Assistant Professors in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering DTU Chemical Eng. 01 MAY 17
Assistant Professor / Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering --- Adjunkt/Lektor i Maskinteknik DTU Diplom 01 MAY 17
PhD Scholarship in Advancing 2D Materials by Metal-Organic Framework Engineering DTU Chemistry 01 MAY 17
Postdoc in Advanced Control and Automation for N2O Mitigation from Full Scale Wastewater Treatment Plants DTU Chemical Eng. 01 MAY 17
Associate or Assistant Professor in Coatings Science and Technology DTU Chemical Eng. 01 MAY 17
PhD scholarship: Biogas upgrading (CO2 capture) Simulation through Experimental Work and Thermodynamic Modelling DTU Chemical Eng. 01 MAY 17
All vacant positions