Job List

Title Unit Deadline
Backend Developer/Software Architect IT Service 25 MAY 18
Research Assistant in microbiome studies DTU Food 25 MAY 18
Five postdocs in epidemiology and surveillance of antimicrobial resistance and infectious diseases DTU Food 25 MAY 18
Open Source Developer for DTU Library DTU Library 27 MAY 18
Researcher in Microbial Bioinformatics DTU Food 28 MAY 18
Assistant/Associate Professor in Ergonomics and Human Factors DTU Management Engineering 28 MAY 18
PhD scholarship in Corrosion Control in Oil & Gas: Investigation of Corrosion Inhibition Mechanisms Specific to localized Corrosion in Sweet and Sour Conditions DTU Mechanical Eng 30 MAY 18
Student Worker to help with software development DTU Chemical Eng. 30 MAY 18
PhD scholarship in microfluidics and Surface Enhanced Raman scattering DTU Nanotech 30 MAY 18
PhD scholarship in Characterization of Supra-Threshold Listening Deficits in Listeners with Tinnitus DTU Electrical Eng 31 MAY 18
PhD scholarship in Climatic Reliability of Electronic Devices DTU Mechanical Eng 31 MAY 18
Postdoc in Measuring the Catalytic Activity of a Single Nanoparticle under Real Reaction Conditions DTU Physics 31 MAY 18
PhD scholarship in Exploring Innovative Hearing Aid Techniques for Tinnitus Treatment DTU Electrical Eng 31 MAY 18
PhD project: Hydrodynamics in Circulating Fluidized Beds DTU Chemical Eng. 31 MAY 18
Associate/Assistant Professor in Applied Arctic Geophysics DTU Civil Eng 31 MAY 18
All vacant positions