Petrophysics studies at the Section for Geotechnics and Geology include chalk, limestone, sandstone, greensand and shale properties. One of the projects investigates the storage of CO2 with emphasis on cap-rock lithology (shale).

Shale forms major cap-rocks preventing flow of fluid from the reservoir to the surface or into other layers above the reservoir. Geomechanical and petrophysical tests are carried out on preserved core samples and cuttings materials of the Fjerritslev shale formation sealing the Gassum Reservoir from both Stenlille and Vested onshore wells of the Danish Basin.

The activity also includes the geologic modelling of the Fjerritslev shale formation and the Gassum reservoir. The experimental data from laboratory work is used as input to the geologic model, which is necessary for simulating CO2 flow in the reservoir and assessment of CO2 plumes and pressure propagation vertically and horizontally through the cap-rocks and the effects of faults and fractures in the cap-rocks.


 Gassum reservoir: view towards north of the model area


3D illustration of the Gassum reservoir model

PhD Projects

Acoustic Properties of Two-Phase Saturated Porous Rocks in the Context of Mud-Filtrate Invasion Correction

PhD Student Morten Kanne Sørensen


Completed PhD Projects

Assessment of Dynamic Flow, Pressure and Geomechanical Behaviour of a CO2 Storage Complex

PhD Student Ernest Ncha Mbia

Petrophysics of Shale

PhD Student Ahmed Awadalkarim



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